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The Sports Center held its first warm-up soccer match


The Sports Center held its first Teenager Soccer Game after the completion of the new soccer field.

Several domestic and international teams took part in the game. The contestants were divided in to two groups: aged below 8 and below 10. There were about 60 contestants and 40 audiences including parents & employees who came to visit and cheered for the children.

At noon on a fine Sunday, the field appeared extremely vibrant under the bright sun with blue sky and white clouds.

The little athletes from different teams started their well-ordered warm up.

As the whistle started the game, the two teams struggled running across the field. The little athletes tried their ultimate best to get the soccer ball under their feet.
The parents cheered on their little boys, while the coach alongside gave command to the little warriors. After a fierce two-hours match, the LeBao soccer team took the championship.