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Ocean One leads Shanghai into the New Bund Era!



On September 16th 2PM, Ocean One held their grand ceremony at the Mercedes Benz Arena Shanghai. Several important committee members from Pudong Expo, Shanghai Sanlinzhen People’s Government Management Committee, COFCO Land Holdings Limited, Shanghai New Bund Business Investment Group Ltd., E-House China, numerous media representatives and other guests were invited to witness this brilliant press conference. Ocean One leads Shanghai into a new age of modern quality life. Shanghai is ready for the “New Bund Era”!



Opening speech by Mr. Yin Wei Gang, General Manager of Ocean One



An interesting discussion regarding New Bund’s future development took place between Shanghai New Bund Business Investment Group Deputy General Manager & Newbund Investment Group Vice Chairman, Mr. Ma Shi Jing, COFCO Land Holdings Deputy General Manager Mr. Tian Jia Lin, E-House China General Manager, Mr. Ye Mao and the on-site hosts.



Global opening ceremony



Ocean One, the entrance to premium lifestyle


Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has recently released the “Yangtze River Delta Urban Development Plan” and for the first time proposed an “urban function global upgrade”. Shanghai has become a strong competitive player on the global city ranking while the demand for high quality of urban life has been constantly increasing. Within this context, Shanghai is undergoing a rapid restructuring phase to enhance key urban functions. The New Bund International Community is gradually gaining mass attention from every corner. Shanghai is ready to enter the New Bund Era!



New Bund, the upgraded version of Lujiazui


“New Bund” located east of the Huang River, south of the Chuan Yang River, West of Ji Yang Road and north of West Huaxi Road consists of 2.83 square kilometers and a total construction area of 3.5 million square meters. Its green ratio reaches up to 35%, while covering 970,000 square meters of residential and 2.2 million square meters of public facilities. The Newbund will accommodate about 25,000 new residents.



New Bund’s strategic planning, positioning and future development has undergone an upgrade while differentiating from Lujiazui Financial Center. Newbund’s positioning is to become an “ecological integrated urban  community” focusing on the development of three highlighted functions described as: Business Headquarters, Culture & Media, Sport & Leisure. Other key functions include commercial & business development, residential, hotels, entertainment, education and community services to form an integrated urban community for professional business & convenient living.



New Bund consists of three main areas: greening, residential and financial. Lujiazui Finance Center focuses on financial & commercial office solutions while New Bund focuses on creating “business headquarters”. Lujiazui will form a complementary financial ecology, while New Bund aims to become the supporting of Lujiazui Financial Center providing accounting, consulting, legal and other modern services. In addition, New Bund will also focus on modern urban concept development, including the two main functions Culture/Media and Sports. New Bund is representing Shanghai at a global base as THE role model for modern urban development.



New Bund, offering a full range of international standards


New Bund, once just open field, has undergone a burst development during its 3 years of rapid construction. New Bund emphasis on energy-saving, low-carbon footprint, environmental protection and 24-hours-perspective urban concepts. New Bund has hosted the 2011 Shanghai World Swimming Championships at the Oriental Sports Center, and has has already completed the main infrastructure, including roads, pipelines, rivers, bridges, pumping stations and other functions. The three parks, namely You Cheng Park, Leisure Park and New Bund Sports Park’s construction has also been completed. This year, New Bund has reached a new peak by constructing 23 projects with a total construction area of 2.23 million square meters, ground floor area of 1.49 million square meters with New Bund World Trade Center of 280 meters high and the Crystal Plaza. The future of New Bund is set on high heights and aims to become the “24-hours City” equal to New York and London with “no time differences” anymore.



New Bund & Ocean One premium residential community


Following the development of International Business district, New Bund’s residential projects also attracted mass attention. COFCO Corporation is represented as the city’s top hotel and business & brand operation and has inherited “the core location” with the most scarce city resources to develop the next signature product. COFCO’s concept is to walk on the front side at all times, following Lujiazui’s Ocean One and Suhe Bay Tian Yue One.

The “ONE” project has been developed at the center of New Bund. Ocean One is uniquely crafted for national & global elites to experience a luxurious living community.



With urban vision as base, with era as direction, we believe that Ocean One will provide a more ecological, more international, more modern and better ways of living to create a new era of urban life role model.