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Crystal Plaza Residences - The Turning Moment



Built by the world’s most prestigious property developer,
Tishman Speyer


From Rockfeller Center, To the Chrysler Building;

The founder of the world’s most prestigious landmarks,Tishman Speyer;

Integrates global resources and cooperates with LUJIAZUI Properties

Striving to build up a new landmark along Huangpu River within the New Bund.


New landmark in Shanghai, the New Bund CBD


The New Bund,

The future new CBD, residential district and active zone is connected with the Expo area,

And is facing towards Binjiang Xuhui across the river.

It resides next the Central highroads,

And reaches via Lupu Bridge straight to People’s Square.

With multiple tunnels like Dapu & Xizang tunnel connecting both landmarks flawlessly.



3 metro lines, 3 river-crossing bridges, 4 river-crossing tunnels, providing top convenient urban travelling


The New Bund resides within intersections between metro Line 6, 8 and 11

Providing only 14 minutes of travel distance to Xujiahui by metro,

19 minutes to People Square, and 28 minutes to Century Avenue, acting as the key vessels of the city.

The New Bund is the center of convenient & comfortable living consisting of

3 Huangpu river bridges of and 4 cross-river tunnels (on-going),

Which allows you only 20 minutes to reach People Square,

20 minutes to go to Pudong Huamu administrative area,

And 45 minutes to the international transportation hubs, Pudong and Hongqiao.


At New Bund,

Everything is within your reach.


Masterpiece with crafted details


Crystal Plaza Residences;

Premium quality residences within the Crystal Plaza area,

Providing countless of beautiful life opportunties.


10 apartment blocks residing within the wide range of green area;

With well-designed layouts that isolates residential blocks from the busy areas;

And high-end clubhouses as part of the central landscape garden.

The buildings are made of transparent glass,

Providing crystal clear & breathtaking views across the landscape.



Outdoor swimming pools ligthen-up by natural sunlight,

Which also reaches our indoor swimming pools without blockage.

With facilities such as user-friendly children pools, massage pools, yoga classrooms and fitness centers,

You will relieve yourself both physically and mentally, providing you the balanced leisure inside-out.



The residential inner cultivation is the essence of the quality life.

At Crystal Plaza Residences,

Every detail is reflects towards this quality lifestyle.

From as big as the layout of the area, using premium materials used represents the careful considerations of our top architects.

Till as small as the design of a door and the window handles.


The taste of home cooking,

The sound of relevant bottles and cans

Portrays a life chapter consisting of realistic and warm scenes

The kitchen provides you sense of art,

And the dining room provides you enjoyment.

Its imported high-end cabinet from Germany, together with its professional royal quality kitchen appliances from France, provides you Tour-the-Force experience.


“Your Social life is equal to your Living” High-quality facilities provide you high-end life quality within your reach.


Shopping mall at your doorsteps

Crystal Plaza Residences project contains a podium of 65,000 square meters, providing one-stop services of food and beverage, entertainment, supermarket and other leisure and culture experiences for you to feel the rich & convenient lifestyle wherever and whenever.

Furthermore, another two top shopping malls are in-development, making this place to be the next-generation of shopping and entertaining district of Shanghai.



High quality green life across the Riverside

Charming Huangpu Riverside.

The New Bund You Cheng Park

The Leisure park,

And Sports park,

Forming the public green area, accounting for 35% of the whole New Bund development area.

Wandering through the 2.3KM of New Bund riverside green landscape,

Providing you a breathtaking whole view of the river side.



World’s top recreational and sports facilities

Oriental Sports Center,

Professional sports competitions with wonderful performances and shows

Bringing you a rich variety of sport experiences

Sports Center,

Providing you a complete sports facility,

To build up a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.

Arts Center,

Contains 5000 multifunctional theaters

That provides you a colorful cultural artistic journey



World’s top education institutions

One of the top institutions in the whole world; Wellington College International Shanghai and Shanghai New Bund Wellington Bilingual School.

Perfectly combining Eastern culture and Western education seamlessly.

Has a thorough education system from kindergarten to highschool, representing the entrance of most top international school in Shanghai.



International standardized medical services

Well-known Singapore private hospital, Raffles International Hospital

Contains an integrated medical system covering a mega large area of almost 40 thousand square meters.

Providing the most professional medical services,
Delivering you international top health standards.


Crystal Plaza Residences, lighting-up Shanghai


Crystal Plaza Residences,

Proudly residing with the New Bund

Equiped with top international standardized facilities,

Creating high-quality living, that stand-out and shines above the world-class CBD’s.

Crystal Plaza Residences,

Makes your life wonderful,

And lights up a different lifestyle



Crystal Plaza Residences, location:

Haiyang Road & Yao Long Road crossing, Pudong New Area, Shanghai