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Sajid Javid, Business Secretary of UK, visited the New Bund


On September 23th, 2015, Sajid Javid, Business Secretary of U.K., came to visit New Bund International Business District and Wellington College International Shanghai, learning in detail about the development plan and progress of New Bund. Javid expressed his delight that he can visit the New Bund, extended warm congratulations to the cooperation between two British corporations (Tai Gu Enterprise Group and Yi He Enterprise Group) and is looking forward to see how the New Bund will become in the future.

Mr. Javid first visited Wellington College International Shanghai, a branch school of Wellington College in England, one of the largest and most magnificent schools among the world's top noble schools.Officially opened on August 25th 2014,Wellington College International Shanghai introduces British course system and teaching methods to Shanghai and at the same time combines those with Chinese language and culture, providing foreign children aged from 2- 18 living in Shanghai with first-class international education. Accompanied with the school council and  Management Team, these distinguished British guests visited the reception hall, the library and classrooms for junior and senior students and with strong interest, Mr. Javid even attended a small class for 4-year-old kids, interacting and communicating with them.

During the visit, the school specially arranged a planting activity. Those British-style school buildings looked exceptionally beautiful being set off by blue sky, white clouds and red brick arch. The two parties, British guests and the school, planted a red maple tree, representing friendship, and with which to hope that China and England can continue to carry out the cooperation and communication on education, and that Wellington College International Shanghai can provide top-class education and education facilities to international family living in New Bund and International enterprise developing there.

Afterwards, Mr. Javid came to the offices of New Bund International Business District. Tao Jianwen, general manager of The New Bund Investment, expressed  the planning idea of New Bund, that is, to focus on developing three core functions of the area: headquarters business, culture and media, and sports and leisure. In terms of distribution of commercial activities, it will present a diversified development trend, from single office functions to residence, living and business trade combined, thus creating a highly internationalized living environment.

With Tai Gu Enterprise Group and Yi He Enterprise Group having announced to locate at New Bund in succession, it symbolizes that business investment attraction of New Bund have basically completed. Mr. Javid said sincerely that he hope he still can visit New Bund the next time he come to Shanghai, expecting that New Bund can be a new paradigm for international metropolis in the future.

Background introduction:
New Bund International Business District, as one of the six key development areas planned in the Shanghai’s 12th five-year plan, will be developed in the next 5 to 10 years as a world-class central business district that combines headquarters business, culture and media, and sports and leisure, becoming a new Shanghai city landmark, and together with smallPudongLujiazui area, adding radiance and beauty to each other.

The New Bund area gives a full play to the riverside ecological advantages, making the city interweaving in harmony with nature by embedding riverside green into the city. With about 100 hectares Public green land area, accounting for 35% of the land in this area, the New Bund Area builds an atmosphere with ecological nature.

The International school, international hospital, public school, private school, international church, international performing arts center, international sports center, cultural facilities and other facilities are all built in New Bund Area, giving prominence to the planning idea of “ Green-Compound-International”, encouraging close combination of work and life, city and nature, travel and leisure, and proving diverse city functions and spacial experience.